Former NLC president, Omar heads LP transition committee

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A former President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Abduwaheed Omar, has been chosen by the Political Commission of the NLC to head a transition committee tasked with revitalising the Labour Party.

The committee led by Omar is expected to organise a national convention within the next three months.

Other committee members include Sam Amadi and Abiodun Olamosu appointed as Co-chairmen to work with Omar while Nnawuihe Nwauwa is expected to serve as the secretary of the committee.

During the second meeting of the party’s stakeholders in Abuja, it was decided that former Presidential candidate, Peter Obi, would be represented by Yunusa Tanko from Peter Obi Media Reach.

The leaders also agreed to 13 sub-committees responsible for various aspects of the party’s administration.

Speaking to journalists after the meeting on Wednesday, the Vice Chairman of the NLC Political Commission, Theophilus Ndubuaku, stated that the purpose of the gathering was to implement previously made resolutions from their inaugural meeting.

Ndubuaku further emphasised that with the formation of this transition committee, there is no longer a leadership vacuum within the Labour Party. The committee is expected to begin its work immediately.

“We have decided to put in place a transition committee in view of the vacuum of leadership that exists in the Labour Party. In view of that, the stakeholders have unanimously resolved that the former president of the NLC, Abdulwaheed Omar, should head the Transition Committee of the Labour Party.

“Also two co-chairmen, Prof. Sam Amadi and Abiodun Olamosu were appointed to work with Comrade Omar while Mr. Nnawuihe Nwauwa is to serve as Secretary of the Committee,” he stated.

In March, Julius Abure was elected as the National Chairman of the Labour Party during the party’s national convention held in Nnewi, Anambra.

However, the NLC rejected the convention’s outcome and accused Abure of deceiving himself by assuming the role of national chairman.

Omar expressed his commitment to working diligently and collaboratively with the other members of the transition committee to fulfil their given mandate.

He stated that the committee would begin its duties on Thursday, starting with a plan to swiftly rectify the issues faced by the Labour Party under Julius Abure’s leadership, which has caused significant damage.

When questioned about the legitimacy of the transition committee and whether it aligns with the party’s constitution, Omar defended it by stating that they relied on the 2009 constitution of the Labour Party as their authoritative and binding document.

Omar reiterated that the new transition committee would uphold the party’s interests in the-circle elections, as long as the candidates were law-abiding.

He also addressed concerns about Peter Obi’s recent visit to the LP headquarters, stating that Obi had gone there to address candidates running for FCT council elections.

He emphasized that there was clear proof of Obi’s strong support for the efforts of Labour Party stakeholders in positioning the party.

Yanusa stressed the importance of reconciling all interest groups in the party.

He highlighted Obi’s consistent emphasis on unity and transparency in managing party affairs.

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