APC: Muftwang, Plateau Speaker coerced our members to sign post-dated resignation letters

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The All Progressives Congress (APC) has accused the Governor of Plateau State, Caleb Muftwang and the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Gabriel Dewan, of allegedly coercing the party’s members, who were ordered to be inaugurated by the Court of Appeal, to sign a post-dated resignation letters as pre-condition for their inauguration as members of the House off Assembly.

In a press statement signed by the National Publicity Secretary of the party, Felix Morka, the APC further alleged that nine lawmakers reportedly signed the “post-dated resignation letters” with accompanying verifying affidavits were inaugurated by the Speaker as members of the House of Assembly on April 5, 2024, while seven members-elect who resisted the pressure were not inaugurated.

The statement added, “We condemn this brazen act of Governor Muftwang and the Speaker as utterly outrageous, anti-democratic, illegal and a vile contempt of the binding judgement of the Court of Appeal that ordered the inauguration of all 16 APC members-elect as members of the House of Assembly.

“We wonder why Governor Muftwang and Speaker Dewan are unwilling and seemingly terrified to comply with a valid judgment of the Court of Appeal, but would rather resort to illegal and underhand tactics to intimidate, blackmail and cajole members to sign post-dated resignation letters in violation of the laws of our land.

“The continued refusal of the Speaker to inaugurate the remaining seven APC members who have stoutly refused to submit to this illegality has become a clear and present threat to the peace and stability of Plateau State. Constituents of yet- to-be inaugurated members are becoming increasingly restive and may resort to peacefully protesting the unlawful refusal to inaugurate their own elected representatives. This is avoidable and must be avoided. The good people of Plateau State deserve to live in peace and security. Governor Muftwang bears a solemn duty to govern fairly, maintaining peace and security, upholding the law, and doing justice to all, irrespective of political differences.

The APC called on the Speaker to unconditionally swear in the remaining seven APC lawmakers without further delay in compliance with the judgment of the Court of Appeal.

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