Lagos police detain officer for unprofessional conduct

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The Lagos State Police Command has detained a police officer for failing to maintain professionalism during a confrontation with a citizen.

This was disclosed in a statement released by the state Police spokesperson, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, on Friday.

The incident involved Aderele Aisha, who drove against traffic and allegedly assaulted the officer, behaving in a disorderly and unruly manner.

According to the statement, although the officer showed restraint most of the time, he allowed his emotions to cloud his judgment on a couple of occasions.

He added that the officer has been taken into custody for appropriate disciplinary actions.

The statement reads, “As much as the police officer exercised restraint, he allowed his emotions get the better part of him once or twice. A police officer is expected to exercise utmost restraint in the face of provocation.

“This definitely is a teaching moment for officers and men of the Force. The officer has been taken in for appropriate actions.

“That being said, Aderele Aisha, who drove against traffic, clearly assaulted the officer and behaved in a disorderly and unruly manner. She has since profusely apologized for her actions and tendered a written apology.

“While we continue to train our men to be as professional as possible, while not sparing any officer who clearly acts unprofessionally, we urge the citizenry to strive to maintain decorum in their dealings with security agencies”.

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