War: Israel reveals level of damage done by Iran’s drone, missile attack

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Israel has revealed the level of damage done on its territory by the drone and missile attack from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Israeli military spokesperson, Rear Adm Daniel Hagari confirmed on Sunday that there was a direct hit on the Nevatim airbase by ballistic missiles.

However, he said the missile caused only “minor damage to infrastructure”, insisting that the base remains fully operational.

According to him, the strike only injured a young girl, adding that all drones and cruise missiles launched by Iran were intercepted before entering the country’s airspace.

“Ballistic missiles, only a small number … single digits … fell in the base and around,” he said in a morning briefing.

“A direct hit with minor damage that doesn’t do anything to the operational of the base.”

“One young girl was in intensive care in hospital due to shrapnel injuries after the attacks,” he added.

Hagari described the use of ballistic missiles as an “escalatory factor.”

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