VFD Group Lays Foundation For Empowering Young Entrepreneurs

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The VFD Group, a leading proprietary investment company, recognizing the importance of early mentorship has embarked on a socially conscious initiative known as Vision 20.

The group understands that in a world brimming with untapped potential, the need to nurture and empower the youth has never been more pressing.

The investment company upon this has opened its doors to students from Readland Foundation, marking a special celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month.

The visit was meticulously designed to provide young girls with invaluable insights into business processes and organisational culture, aiming to ignite their aspirations and fuel their dreams.

Led by esteemed employees and executives including Niyi Adenubi, Executive Director, Business Development & Investment Management; John Okonkwo, Executive Director, Finance, Risk  & Compliance; Morenike Ominike, Chief of Staff to the GMD/CEO and Head, Regulatory Compliance; Muyiwa Olowoporoku, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications; Nkem Offonabo, Head, Human Resources; Chinenye Ezeh, Treasury Officer; and Elmer Aluge, Soft Power Specialist; representing diverse backgrounds and skill sets within the Management team.

The day unfolded with a series of interactive sessions, where students were encouraged to set goals, believe in themselves, and embrace the importance of societal impact.

This visionary program is not merely about empowering young women; it’s about laying the foundation for a brighter, more equitable future.

At its core, Vision 20 is a commitment to fostering gender inclusivity and leadership development, particularly among young women. It’s about providing them with the right tools, resources, and support they need to thrive in a world of limitless possibilities. Through mentorship from seasoned female executives within VFD Group, Vision 20 pairs aspiring young women with mentors who provide invaluable guidance and knowledge to help them excel in their chosen paths. But Vision 20 is not just a short-term endeavour; it’s a long-term commitment to tracking the progress and success of these young ladies over the next two decades. This ensures ongoing support and guidance as they navigate the complexities of adulthood and leadership.

The importance of mentoring cannot be overstated. Through Vision 20, VFD Group is not just imparting knowledge and skills to these young women; they’re instilling confidence, resilience, and a sense of purpose. They’re opening doors and expanding horizons, showing these individuals that with determination and support, anything is possible.

The highlight of the mentorship session at VFD Group was a visit to the office of the GMD/CEO, Nonso Okpala. Impressed by the students’ ambitions, Mr. Okpala delivered an inspiring message, urging them to think big and pursue their dreams fearlessly. “Hold on to your dreams and push yourself forward,” he exclaimed. “Remember, when your ambition scares you, that’s when you know you’re on the right path.”

As part of its commitment to empowering young women, VFD Group provided mentorship and seed funding to support their education. The provision of seed funding to each visiting student, presented by the company’s GMD/CEO, underscored the company’s dedication to nurturing future leaders.

In empowering the students of Readland Foundation, VFD Group isn’t merely shaping individual destinies; they’re sculpting the future of our nation. As these young women embark on their journey, embedded in the unwavering support and belief of VFD Group, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the remarkable achievements and contributions they will undoubtedly make to society. As Women’s History Month draws to a close, what better way to wrap up this celebration than with VFD Group’s visionary initiative, Vision 20? With the seeds of empowerment planted and the path to leadership set in motion, these young women stand ready to carve out a future where their voices resound with power and their achievements leave an indelible mark on society.


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