JAMB, Osun CBT centre owner clash over accreditation

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A Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board Computer-Based Test Centre owner, Abdulhakeem Adeeyo, has accused JAMB and its officials of corruption in denying him accreditation.

Abdulhakeem claimed his CBT centre, Aatrix Innovations Ltd, was unfairly denied accreditation despite his huge investment in establishing the centre.

He said, “I established a JAMB Computer-Based Test centre running into over N40m debt but Osun State JAMB staff and their headquarters failed to give me accreditation running to four years back even when I was recommended by their state advisor, Prof Aderonmu in 2022.”

Abdulhakeem alleged that despite meeting every requirement and passing every test carried out at his centre by JAMB’s representatives, some officials condemned him for not awarding the contract for setting up the centre to them.

He said, “I submitted a letter for inspection. Officials came for inspection and they confirmed I have every facility, yet they condemned me for not awarding the contract to them, they claimed that had been the practice of individuals setting up a JAMB CBT centre; Mr. Femi said that was how they make money.

“I paid N90,000 to the representatives who came for inspection as they claimed it was the tradition.

However, when contacted by our correspondents on the phone,  JAMB spokesperson, Dr Benjamin Fabian, dismissed the allegations by Abdulhakeem.

Fabian said,” We are looking for centres. If we see centres, as many as possible, we will take them, but we cannot compromise our standards. Somebody applied for something and he didn’t meet the requirement.

“The way the man is going, we will not give him a centre because he has a motive. The way I have seen the man, he is somebody who lacks credibility, which is one of our requirements. He wants a centre at all costs.

“This is not the first time. This man has been going everywhere, giving people false information and they’re calling. Who is this man? There is no paper that has not been called because of this man. This means he must be influential in society; he is telling people to harass everybody.

“Is he the only person who applied for the center? If you build a centre today that has the facility, we will give it accreditation. But that doesn’t mean every Tom, Dick and Harry will be pressurising us left, right and centre for us to give him centre.”

Fabian further said, “The resources he is using to go about, if he had put it there, he will have a centre. We don’t even know him. We are looking for quality. We are going to all the states and begging people to open the centre. If you have it, we will give it to you, but if you don’t have it, if he likes let him go to BBC.”

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