Portable, Laide Bakare Fight Dirty

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A controversial artiste, Habeeb Okikiola, aka Portable, has taken an actress, Laide Bakare, to the cleaners on social media over a recent interview she granted and allegedly referred to him as a dirty boy.

In the interview on a podcast titled, Talk to B, Bakare, who was recently appointed by Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, as his Senior Special Adviser on entertainment, art, culture and tourism, had stated that Portable abused her on social media because of an earlier interview she had granted where she had stated that of her husband cheated on her, she would retaliate by also cheating on him. She said, “He commented on one of my posts, saying, “Pele iya olowo (sorry, rich woman). It turned out to be this werey olorin, Portable. The boy just started abusing me. The Internet just gives some people cheap opportunities. You can imagine one dirty boy from Sango talking anyhow..”

She added that Portable warned her that he did not want to see her with his wife, who is also an actress.

However, in his reaction, Portable claimed that Bakare was actually the one who reached out to him on Instagram. He said, “Laide Bakare, you sent me a direct message and asked me to send my WhatsApp number. I will post everything. I told you to meet my manager, that what did you want to discuss with me? You are calling me a dirty boy, but the day we met at a party, you were the one who hugged me; you hugged a dirty boy. You were asking me to come to your birthday party? You say I come from Sango, where does your family come from? You fell for me, and I will post all the messages you sent to me.”

Also, in a post acknowledging the well wishes from fans over her recent appointment in Osun State, Portable made an unprintable comment, inferring that Bakare was a promiscuous woman.

Responding to him, she wrote, “Omo ofo.com, oni ku re (useless child, you will not die well). I will not spare you for coming to my page to rant nonsense. It is your grandmother that is mad.”

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