My boobs attract men with good, bad intentions — Njideka George

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A busty content creator and actress, Njideka George, has said that she usually gets lots of attention from men with both good and bad intentions.

George, whose video about being busty recently went viral on social media, told Saturday Beats, “I said it all in my viral ‘busty girl’ content. I definitely get a lot of attention from men. And just like every other woman, men with both good and bad intentions come to me. I have met men with bad intentions, as well as those who are amazing. I am convinced that there are good men out there, and I know that God is preparing one for me.”

Asked how she deals with negative comments on social media, she said, “I believe that God does everything in His time. Six years ago, I prayed to God to make me famous and successful, but He did not. In 2017, I was in Lagos on holiday, and I went to a salon to make my hair. At the salon, I had a misunderstanding with a lady, and she called me a ‘fat fool’. I cried all day, and was depressed for weeks because of that single comment. Fast forward to today, I am a successful content creator and influencer. I get a lot of backlash, insults and criticism but I don’t flinch. It does not get to me. I respond to some and block some, but none of the insults gets under my skin or affects my mental health. As a matter of fact, the bad comments make me work harder.”

Recalling how she delved into content creation, she said, “I had always been good at creating stuff that people were interested in. I have a big personality; and when I talk, people listen. I started out as an actor, but that was taking too long to bring me to the limelight, and I realised that I could still do something else while waiting for acting gigs. Content creating seemed like a perfect fit. It also showcased my acting skills, while growing my social media presence.”


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